eMule Plus is an open source eMule P2P compatible client created to improve its abilities and features, in both work efficiency and GUI.

Enhancements over eMule

  • A modified GUI
  • Releaser Support (e.g. JumpStart, Part Traffic)
  • Automated Fake Check
  • Country Flags and Statistics
  • Fractional Upload/Download Rates
  • Auto Download Lists
  • Lancast
  • Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • UTF-8 encoding for IRC messages

Not included eMule features

Internet Scam

  • A fake illegal clone of eMule Plus exists called eMule++ based on old eMule Plus source code. Its use is not recommended, as it is a non-GPL compliant software containing harmful extensions.
  • Beware scam websites! There are quite some scam sites trying to sell eMule Plus, pull personal user information or spread modified versions which could contain harmful software. Such sites are distributed even through Google Ads. Here are few examples—,, www.emule—


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