The Zetabyte File System (ZFS) is a filesystem first used in Sun Microsystems Solaris. ZFS makes use of 128-Bit addressing, giving access to something that might be referred to as a "giga-terabyte" if double-prefixes were not against the rules (a zettabyte) worth of data. Sun believes that this capacity will never be reached, meaning that this filesystem will never need to be modified to increase its storage capacity.


  • Copy on write: (Beyond journalising?) File backup/revisions in the filesystem)
  • LVM: ZFS integrates Logical Volume Management features into the filesystem.
  • "adaptive endian-ness": Filesystems should be portable between little-endian and big-endian systems.
  • Checksums: ZFS provides data integrity features to detect (+ correct?) data corruption.
  • HA Storage+: "Active-Passive" cluster/failover compatibility. (only one server can write to a shared physical disk)
  • Clones: low-cost "copies" of similar filesystems based on a single snapshot. (Translucent file systems?)
  • Compression: squeeze "empty" spaces out of files, or blocks used by small files.
  • ACLs: Supports "Full range of NFSv4/Windows NT-style ACLs".

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