Development and HistoryEdit

Windows 2.0, also known as Windows/286 (for the Intel 80286) was released April 2, 1987. It maintained compatibility with existing Windows applications, and included significant performance enhancements, as well as a new visual appearance, compatible with Microsoft OS/2 Presentation Manager (Which consisted of overlapping windows, rather than tiled windows).

Later Versions came in two iterations: Windows /286 and Windows/386, the former optimised for the Intel 286, and the latter optimised for the Intel 386.

Windows/386 introduced Himem.sys, and improved support for expanded memory hardware.

Screenshot Edit


Available VersionsEdit

Windows 2.0Edit

Windows 2.02Edit

Windows 2.02 released in November 1987.

WIndows 2.10Edit

Windows 2.10 (Windows/386) released in April 2 1988.

Windows 2.11Edit

Windows/386 (and Windows/286) 2.11 released in March 1989.

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