So, I had this vision. A wiki database of software, with easy ways to find software of a certain type, price, license, etc. Thus, I adopted this wiki and had the semantic suite installed. I hope to be able to create an easy to use system for adding pages and to get information from them.

My plan so far

  1. Tweak the generic software form so that almost any relevant information can be added by anyone.
    • To do this I will need some feedback, as I surely will not be able to think of everything we could have information on.
    • The idea is too make the most basic information mandatory, with more in-depth information specifiable if the editor wishes to.
  2. Create more specialized forms, such as Form:Operating system, Form:Browser and Form:Video game, so that we can add more specific information to these common kinds of software, wit the generic software form for the rest.
  3. Create a user-friendly main page and several portals showing software matching a specific query, such as free software and operating systems
  4. At the point we pass 200 non-stub articles, we can also request a Wikia Spotlight to help us recruit more people

I also intend to make a cooler skin and logo for the wiki, but i'm short of ideas, so if you have any, be sure to tell me.

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