Ext3 from Ext2Edit

Ext3 is an almost identical clone of Ext2, the only difference being it includes a Journal, without which, it can be classed as a perfectly valid Ext2 partition. An Ext3 Filesystem can also be mounted as an Ext2 file system.

Also, many utilities that check and repair Ext2 paritions, can be used with Ext3. This means that, while not as attractive performance-wise, compared to other file systems, such as ReiserFS, it has a well-supported userbase, because it's just Ext2 with a Journal.


Ext3 has many alternative Filesystems. These include FAT32, NTFS, JFS, ReiserFS and XFS

FileSystem ListEdit

Also See List of Filesystems for more infomation.

Filesystem List
Filesystems: FAT | FATX | FAT12 | FAT16 | FATX16 | FAT32 | FATX32 | NTFS | JFS | Ext | Ext2 | Ext3 | HPFS | ReiserFS | Reiser4 | HFS+ | FFS | UFS1 | UFS2 | UFSMacOSX | XFS | OFS | BFS | BeFS | OpenBFS | NSS | NWFS | ODS5 | VxFS | ZFS | MFS | IFS | AFS | TVFS | MinixFS | SkyFS | AtheOSFS | ArlaFS | CDFS | UDF | CFS | DFS | OpenAFS | GFS | DTFS | CODA | UMSDOS | OldBeFS | RFS | EFS

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