Software Development TimelineEdit

There are Many Stages on a typical Timeline:

  • Pre-Alpha
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Preview Release
  • Release Candidate
  • Final Release
  • Additional Release

Pre-Alpha StageEdit

Pre-Alpha is the stage of collating together Ideas, sometimes with code written, but not always.

Alpha StageEdit

In this stage, some preliminary code has been written, and implemented, although not a great deal of stability can be expected.

Beta StageEdit

In Beta Stage, most of the code has been written and implemented, with a reasonable level of usability expected, although some errors can, and usually will be experienced. Even in Beta Stage, the software's design is by no means finalised.

Preview ReleaseEdit

A Preview Release is one step down from a Release Candidate, and is not an often used stage. The Mozilla Firefox development team used a Preview Release for their Version 1.0 Release.

Release CandidateEdit

When a Release Candidate is used, it's design is usually finalised, with about 95% of the code finalised. Release Candidates are designed to iron out last minute Showstopper bugs. You normally get a pattern like this:

  • Release Candidate 1
  • Release Candidate 2
  • Release Candidate 3

There is no set guideline on how many Release Candidates should be released. However, in a few instances, such as with large-scale development projects, you may see this pattern:

  • Release Candidate 0
  • Release Candidate 1
  • Release Candidate 2
  • Release Candidate 3

Notice the inclusion of RC0. A Release Candidate 0 is designed to give Hardware Manufacturers, Software Developers, and Driver Compilers time to adjust to a new software programming model. For Microsoft, only two products have used an RC0 Stage:

Final ReleaseEdit

This is it, the big one-zero. Version 1.0, as it's typically referred to, is a much-revered status for any Software application. For example, The Mozilla Firefox community paid special attention to their Version 1.0. Another Software product approaching Version 1.0 Status is nLite

Additional ReleaseEdit

And of Course, Version 1.0 won't be the last release for a product. Other Versions may go like this:

  • Version 1.01
  • Version 1.02
  • Version 1.03

Or, they may go like this:

  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 1.3

It's all up to the developer, but most tend to agree, the larger the change, the higher up the increments go.

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