The Security Center is included in Windows XP Service Pack 2, and is designed for the novice user to monitor the status of key System Monitoring Services:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Automatic Updates
  • Firewall

The Antivirus and Firewall segments initially couldn't recognise Symantec or McAffe's offerings, however, later versions included full support.

If the user so desired, prompts for those two could be turned off, for the user to monitor manually

The Automatic Updates Segment is a little bit more pushy. It ties in directly with the Automatic Updates system, and allows you one of three options:

  • Download and Install Updates at HH:MM on DD/MM/YYYY (Or MM/DD/YYYY for those in the USA)
  • Download and Install Updates Automatically
  • Only Notify User of Updates, Don't Install Automatically
  • Don't Notify or Download Updates.

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