Product ActivationEdit

Product Activation is a way for a Copy of Windows to be binded to a specific user's hardware. Let's take a few typical configurations:

Scenario 1Edit

Machine #1:

Machine #2:

Now, Windows XP is already 'Activated' on Machine #1. By Activating the Machine, Windows XP has transmitted the CD-Key, along with the Hardware Details of Machine #1.

Windows XP will install on Machine #2, but when you try to activate Windows XP on Machine #2, Windows XP checks the hardware details stored on the Microsoft Server, with the Details culled by the Setup Program, and stored in the System Registry.

Details Stored include:

Scenario 2Edit

Machine #1

Machine #2

Now, this is a subject of debate. If you have Identical Spec Components Installed, the only things differing being the Serial/ID Numbers, will Windows Activate. Seeing as Dell ship their Optiplexes with differing Product Keys, one would think this would not work.

Scenario 3Edit

Machine #1

Machine #2

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