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PolyEdit is a very powerful, multipurpose, yet easy-to-use word processor and text editor for Windows, that is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding word processing requirements. It offers an enormous variety of tools and features that the list below shows only a small part of what this editor can do:

   * Unique multidocument interface (PolyDocking 2.0)
   * Support for tables and columns
   * Enhanced cryptography features (Blowfish 448-bit and SHA-1 algorithms)
   * Encrypting of binary files with compression
   * Full OLE object support (pictures, media clips, graphs, etc.)
   * Several configurable toolbars
   * Spell checking (ISpell and MS Office compatible)
   * Multilanguage user interface
   * Html/Unix/Mac/Word/WordPerfect export
   * Word/Excel/WordPerfect/Write/Lotus 1-2-3 import
   * Templates and bookmarks
   * Integrated e-mail client with an address book
   * Built-in character map with support for Unicode symbols
   * Autoformat tool
   * Microsoft Word compatible
   * Advanced text formatting tools
   * Support for hyperlinks
   * Minimization to the System Tray
   * Various converters (ROT-13, OEM/ANSI, etc.)
   * Drag'n'Drop and Drag'n'Dock interfaces
   * OEM/ANSI/Unicode/UTF-8 character sets are supported
   * Unlimited file size
   * Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) compatible
   * Support for plug-ins
   * Advanced word count
   * Hand Tool
   * Clipboard Manager and Clipboard Capture
   * Zoom in/out
   * Backup and Autosave
   * Find/Replace with support for regular expressions (Perl 5)
   * Catalog and Snippets tools
   * Line sorting operations
   * Advanced Print Preview
   * Find in Files
   * Inserting pictures in various formats (gif, jpeg, png, etc.)
   * Browser Preview
   * Support for IntelliComplete Server and WordWeb
   * Several numbering and underline styles
   * Syntax highlighting (pascal, html, c++, etc.)
   * Ability to show nonprinting symbols, line numbers and page borders
   * ClearType and Windows XP visual styles are supported
   * Block selection
   * Header and footer
   * Support for native themes (Office XP/2003, Ruthenium, etc.)
   * Fast startup and small program size
   * Easy installation/uninstallation ...and much more!!!

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