Microsoft PowerPoint is the member of the Microsoft Office Suite which is focused on Presentation editing. Microsoft PowerPoint is currently available in the PowerPoint 2007 version for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and PowerPoint 2008 for Apple operating systems.

Supported Formats

PowerPoint's native format are the various Template:format formats, including, Template:format, pptx and a few others. It allows importing/exporting to a similar, non-PowerPoint-native format: Open Document Presentation.

The format allows creating an Template:format file with associated images in a subfolder, or an Template:format file which lacks such dependencies. It is able to reopen these files.

Saving as a number of image file formats is also permitted, including Template:format, Template:format, Template:format, Template:format, Template:format, Template:format and Template:format. A separate file will be created for each slide in the presentation, and they will not be able to be opened in PowerPoint.

This can save the presentations as a Template:format file, but text will loose some formatting and locations.

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