MPEG-2 offers resolutions of 720x480 and 1280x720 at 60 FPS, with full CD-quality audio. This is sufficient for all the major TV standards, including NTSC, and even HDTV. MPEG-2 is used by DVD-ROMs. MPEG-2 can compress a 2 hour video into a few gigabytes. While decompressing an MPEG-2 data stream requires only modest computing power, encoding video in MPEG-2 format requires significantly more processing power.

Audio, Video, and Image Codec/Format List

Video Codec List: AVI | DivX | MPEG-1 | MPEG-2 | MPEG-4 | QT | RM | RV | XVID | WMV

Audio Codec List: AAC | AC3 | ATRAC | FLAC | MP1 | MP2 | MP3 | Ogg | RA | WAV | WMA

Image Format List: GIF | PNG | JPEG | TIFF | RAW | MIX | PSD | ICO | ANI | TGA | PIX | PCX | BMP

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