Template:wikipedia list This is the list of instant messaging clients which support the XMPP protocol.

Single-protocol Edit

Open source Edit

Name Platforms Comments
AVIC Cross-platform
Aqua Unix-like Gtk2-Perl.
Bombus Java ME (MIDP2.0)/Windows CE
Bombusmod Java ME (MIDP2.0) Bombus fork. Has anti-spam function.
Coccinella Cross-platform Tcl/Tk
Emacs-jabber Cross-platform
Exodus Windows
Gabber Unix-like GTK+, development was stopped in 2004.
Gajim Cross-platform PyGTK
GSIM Cross-platform Stream : GSIM
Pygeon Cross-platform PyGTK,
GOIM Cross-platform Eclipse Rich Client Platform, gamers oriented.
Gossip Unix-like GTK+
JabberMixClient Java ME (MIDP2.0)
JabberMixLocation Java ME (MIDP2.0) JabberMixClient + geolocating features
Jabbim Cross-platform PyQt, Message formatting (XHTML-IM)
Jabbin Cross-platform Qt. Fork of Psi with VoIP function (via Jingle)
Jeti Java
iJab Cross-platform Web application
JWChat Cross-platform Web application
Lampiro Java Me (MIDP2.0)
m-im Java ME (MIDP1.0) GoogleTalk and Standard XMPP compatible English and Chinese
MCabber Cross-platform Console client (ncurses)
Mobber Java ME (MIDP1.0)
MOO-XMPP MOO Runs as a MOO object
nebohodimo Windows Mobile MS.Net Compact Framework 2 SP2
Pandion Windows Rich Desktop Application
Psi Cross-platform Qt
Spark Cross-platform Java
M2MASH Cross-platform Java
Saros Cross-platform Eclipse Rich Client Platform, developers oriented.
Synapse Unix-like Mono/Qyoto (Qt .NET bindings).
Tkabber Cross-platform Tcl/Tk
wija Java
Wokjab Unix-like GTK+

Proprietary Edit

Name Platforms Comments
Akeni Messenger Windows, Linux
BeejiveIM iPhone OS Also supports AIM, Facebook IM, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, Myspace IM, and Yahoo! Messenger
Chikka Messenger Windows
GCN Windows
Google Talk Windows, Android
Gush Cross-platform Discontinued
imov Messenger Windows Mobile, Android
JAJC Windows Just Another Jabber Client (JAJC) is a ICQ-like Jabber client designed to run in any Windows (32 bit) environment. Delphi,
Jabbear Cross-platform
Joost Windows
TransVerse Cross-platform Java 5.0+
mjabber Java ME (MIDP2.0)
OneTeam for iPhone iPhone Supports groupchats (MUC) and Apple's push (APNS)
Oyo Cross-platform Under heavy development
Quicksilver iPhone OS
Monal (formerly SworIM) iPhone OS Only client to support direct XMPP connections and VPN
Talkonaut Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 5/6, Java ME GTalk2VoIP function
V&V Messenger Windows, .NET Framework Main features: File transfer: direct or through proxy, Easy screenshots that could be sent directly from chat, Spell checker, “Message read” notifications, Template:dn service support.

Multi-protocol Edit

Open source Edit

Name Platforms Comments
Adium Mac OS X Cocoa, supported in libpurple
Ayttm Cross-platform GTK+
BitlBee Cross-platform Text-based
CenterIM Cross-platform Text-based, successor of CenterICQ
Citron IM Windows Based on .NET Framework.
Colloquy Mac OS X Experimental Support
climm Cross-platform CLI-based, just core XMPP functions yet
EKG2 Cross-platform ncurses/GTK+
Empathy Cross-platform Telepathy-based
Finch Cross-platform Text based: ncurses, supported in libpurple, support is incomplete
Fama IM Unix-like ncurses
Fire Mac OS X End of life, users should switch to Adium.
irssi-xmpp Unix-like Plugin for irssi (ncurses IM client).
Jabbear Cross-platform
Instantbird Cross-platform XUL, Based on the Mozilla rendering engine and the Pidgin
Kopete Unix-like Support is limited to sending and receiving text messages, and received/read notifications.
Miranda IM Windows Win32,C++. XMPP protocol plug-in included in distribution.
QuteCom Cross-platform
qutIM Cross-platform C++ with QT 4.4, anti-spam, tabbed and windowed messaging modes, proxy support, plugin support
Pidgin Cross-platform GTK+, supported in libpurple, support is incomplete|- Proteus Mac OS X
SIM Cross-platform Qt (KDE is optional)
SIP Communicator Cross-platform Java. Still under development.
Wippien Windows, Unix-like VPN/Peer-to-peer support

Proprietary Edit

Freeware Edit

Name Platforms Comments
AQQ Windows supporting Gadu-Gadu, Tlen partially AIM, ICQ and MSN
Digsby Windows IM, Email, & Social Networking in one easy to use application
Gizmo5 Cross-platform VoIP
iChat 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 For Mac OS 10.5: account types include XMPP, AIM, Google Talk, MobileMe (Formerly .Mac), with optional connection with Bonjour
JBuddy Messenger Cross-platform Also includes license options for XMPP, Lotus Sametime, Microsoft LCS/OCS and other enterprise features
Konnekt Windows Supporting Gadu-Gadu, Tlen and other via plugins. Discontinued.
Meebo Android, iPhone OS
Mercury Messenger Cross-platform
mChat/gsICQ/Sm@per/ .Net Compact Framework client including advanced plugin support that initially supported Windows and Windows Mobile/Windows CE with ports to Java ME and S60 for recent releases. Connects directly to, ICQ and MSN Windows Live Messengerprotocols in addition to XMPP support. Additional protocols may be available through XMPP transports.
Fring Java ME, S60, Windows Mobile, and iPhone OS SIP for VoIP, XMPP for chat, multi-protocol IM and VoIP supporting Skype, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and ICQ protocols and more.
QIP Infium Windows, S60, Windows Mobile
SAPO Messenger Windows, Mac OS X Includes VoIP and some extended features
Slick Windows Mobile, Symbian OS Beta
Trillian Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone OS

Shareware Edit

Name Platforms Comments
Vbuzzer Messenger Windows SIP for VoIP, RSS, Fax, XMPP for chat, multi-protocol IM supporting MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ protocols.
Chatopus Palm OS Palm OS 4.0 or higher, Palm OS 5 compatible

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