Template:wikipedia list The following is a list of web browsers for various Unix and Unix-like operating systems. Not all of these browsers are only for those operating systems.


Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Notes
Abaco For Plan 9
Amaya wxWidgets Also a web page composer tool
Arora WebKit Qt
Beonex Communicator Gecko GTK+ Discontinued, a fork of the Mozilla Application Suite
Camino Gecko Cocoa Requires Mac OS X
Conkeror Gecko
Chromium Webkit GTK+ close affinity with Google Chrome
Dillo Dillo FLTK pre 2.0 using the GTK+ GUI toolkit
DocZilla Gecko XUL Discontinued
Epiphany Gecko GTK+ through version 2.26.3
Epiphany WebKit GTK+ from version 2.27.0
Flock Gecko XUL Specialised version of Mozilla Firefox
Galeon Gecko GTK+ Discontinued
GNU IceCat Gecko XUL Rebranded Mozilla Firefox, renamed from Iceweasel
iCab WebKit Cocoa Proprietary, pre 4. using its own layout engine
Iceape Gecko XUL Rebranded SeaMonkey
Internet Explorer for Mac Tasman using Tasman in version 5, discontinued
Internet Explorer for UNIX Trident Discontinued
Kazehakase Gecko GTK+
Kirix Strata Gecko wxWidgets Proprietary
Konqueror KHTML Qt
Madfox Gecko XUL Discontinued
Midori WebKit GTK+
Mothra Discontinued
Mozilla Application Suite Gecko XUL Discontinued
Mozilla Firefox Gecko XUL
NetSurf NetSurf GTK+, Framebuffer NetSurf is not tied to any particular UI toolkits. Currently GTK+ and framebuffer front end implementations exist.
OmniWeb WebKit Cocoa Proprietary. Using WebKit from version 5.5
Opera Presto Xlib Proprietary
Safari WebKit Cocoa Proprietary
SeaMonkey Gecko XUL restarted Mozilla Application Suite
Shiira WebKit Cocoa For Mac OS X only
Songbird Gecko XUL Audio player with integrated browser
Stainless WebKit Requires Mac OS X
Swiftfox Gecko XUL Optimised build of Mozilla Firefox
Uzbl WebKit Follows the Unix philosophy.
Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Notes


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