Template:wikipedia list This is a comparison table of treemapping software packages and web services.

Commercial packages & services Edit

Software Price Windows Mac OS X Linux Web service Data sources Notes
HiveOnDemand USD 199 No No No Yes Google Docs, Excel, CSV The first on-demand service dedicated exclusively to treemapping. Licensed by The Hive Group.
Honeycomb ? Yes Yes Yes Yes IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, Excel, Access, CSV, MySQL, XML, RSS, Custom Data Services Environments include: Rich Client, Thin Client, Studio, API, InfoStream. Licensed by The Hive Group.
Incito Mira GBP 1,199 Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Pricing based on Mira Desktop Composer, which is used to create treemaps. Web service requires own server.
Lab Escape Heat Map Explorer USD 1,295 Yes No No Yes Excel, Access, CSV, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE, XML (Enterprise Edition only), any ODBC/JDBC data sources (Enterprise Edition only) Web publication requires Web Viewer Edition and own server. Enterprise Edition includes integration, live streaming data and interface customization options. Price based on Standard Edition.
Lab Escape Enterprise Tree Map SDK ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Excel, Access, CSV, XML, RSS, Microsoft SharePoint, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE, Custom Data Connectors SDK for integrating tree maps into web-based (ASP.Net, J2EE or other) or desktop (Java only) software. Configured using XML; not an end-user product.
Macrofocus TreeMap USD 195 Yes Yes Yes Yes IBM DB2, Excel, MS Project, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Yahoo! Finance Web publication only available in Macrofocus TreeMap Server, requires own server. Price based on Macrofocus TreeMap.
MagnaView ? Yes No No Yes Excel (Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) MagnaView is a spin-off of TU Eindhoven and is based on their freeware treemap disk visualization tool SequoiaView. Data sources in brackets only available in MagnaView Designer and Designer Pro. Web service requires own server.
Panopticon EX Enterprise Application and Developer SDK USD 900 Yes Yes Yes Yes IBM DB2, Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase ASE, Sonic MQ Message Bus, Reuters Market Feed, Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engines SDK supports rapid development using EX product as prototyping tool. SDK available for Java, .NET and Microsoft WPF environments. EX product includes server component for enterprise-level publishing of analytical dashboards containing Treemaps and other data visualizations as well as designer component for development and testing of dashboards as well as desktop-only deployments.
UMD Treemap ? Yes ? ? No Tab-delimited text file Free for non-commercial use. Contact UMD for commercial use.
DrasticData treemap  ? No No No Yes Google Docs, MySQL, CSV Dynamic treemap in Flash, see DrasticData.
Software Price Windows Mac OS X Linux Web service Data sources Notes

Free web services Edit

  • IBM Many Eyes is website offering simple and free visual data analysis including treemapping. The site generally makes the resulting visualizations public.
  • iTunes Top 100 is an interactive treemap showing the top 100 songs in iTunes subdivided by genre and color-coded by upward or downward trend.
  • is an interactive treemap of current Google News items developed by Marcos Weskamp. It allows the specification of country or origin and subject area and colors news items based on the subject area and how recent the item is. See also a different implementation by Tamas Bartal and a version for social news sites by OurSignal.

Development libraries Edit

Treemapping libraries are available for:

See also Edit

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