Template:wikipedia list This List allows comparison of various aspects of software offering system dynamics features:

Due to concerns over commercial postings on the System Dynamics main topic, commercial hyperlinks are specifically NOT active on this list.

Comparision table: system dynamics software Edit

Package name Freely available/download License type Implementation Language Last updated (year) Contact More info
Consideo N Commercial 2010 (commercial software combining different methods, concept maps, system dynamics)
DYNAMO N Commercial, no longer distributed commercially AED, Pascal 1986 N/A historical DYNAMO models are often available at the MIT system dynamics web site. DYNAMO software for microcomputers may be available via eBay or other resale sites.
Sphinx SD Tools Y Apache License, Version 2.0. 2009
True World N Commercial 2009
Stella, iThink N Commercial 2009
Mapsim Y GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Microsoft .NET 2009
NetLOGO Y Free for use by the public. Copyright 1999-2009 by Uri Wilensky. All rights reserved. Java, Scala 2009
SystemDynamics Y GPL Java 2009
AnyLogic N Commercial - supports system dynamics, agent based and discrete event modeling
Forio Simulations N Commercial - web-based system dynamics software
Powersim N Commercial - (Commercial system dynamics software)
Simile N Commercial C++, Prolog, Tcl 2009 non-free System Dynamics software with object-based concepts
Vensim N Commercial - (non-free zero-cost software for educational and personal use)

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