Template:wikipedia list Spatial analysis software is software written to enable and facilitate spatial analysis. Currently, there are several packages, both free software and proprietary software, which cover most of the spatial data infrastructure stack.


Package Free of charge Operating Systems Developer institution/person Website Field of interest (if any specific) Main Features Language License
ClusterPy yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows RiSE group, Juan C. Duque (Team leader) Website Spatial clustering Library of algorithms to aggregate areas into regions, where each region is geographically connected, while optimizing a predefined objective function. Python Under development
R-Analysis of Spatial Data yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows Roger Bivand (maintainer) CRAN site for Analysis of Spatial Data, R-Forge site Analysis Full integration of spatial data analysis tools with the R: classes for spatial data; handling spatial data; reading and writing spatial data; point pattern analysis; geostatistics; disease mapping and areal data analysis; spatial regression and ecological analysis. R GPL-2
Google Earth yes (Pro version is $400, free to educators) Linux, MAC OS, Windows Google Google Earth 3D visualisation) Easy to use, dynamic graphics, historical maps, users can create dynamic "tours," integrated with the Web. - Freeware
PySAL yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows GeoDa Center Analysis Modules for: computational geometry, spatial weights, ESDA, inequality,

mobility and spatial econometrics

Python BSD license
Minerva yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows Fulton High Performance Computing Initiative

(Arizona State University)

Minerva Project Visualization (3D) High performance; ability to display large amounts of raster and vector from multiple sources C++ BSD license
GMap Creator yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows CASA CASA website for GMap Creator Web Mapping Thematic mapping. Creates image pictures from shapefiles and creates Google Maps websites with the data linked to the shapefile - Freeware
DynTM yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows GeoDa Center for Geospatial analysis and Computation (Charles Schmidt) GeoDa Center's software site Web mapping Python Under development
Quantum GIS yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows QGIS Development Team Visualization Easy to use, ability to expand functionality with Python plugins. Geoprocessing functions included. C++ GPL
GRASS yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows GRASS Development Team [1] GIS Extensive set of GIS tools for both raster and vector data C, C++, Python, Tcl GPL
Legacy GeoDa yes Windows GeoDa Center website Analysis Geovisualization, ESDA, Spatial Regression. Interactive exploratory analysis, dynamic linking and brushing for cross-section data, basic spatial regression capabilities C Freeware
Open GeoDa yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows GeoDa Center website Analysis Interactive exploratory analysis, dynamic linking and brushing for

cross-section data, basic spatial regression capabilities. Cross-platform version of Legacy GeoDa

C Freeware (planned to be open-sourced)
STARS yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows GeoDa Center Website at REGAL Analysis ESTDA (Exploratory Space-Time Data Analysis). Interactive linking, brushing and travelling for space-time data Python GPL
GeoDaNet yes MAC OS, Windows GeoDa Center for Geospatial analysis and Computation (Andrew Winslow) Presentation Point patterns in networks Network distances, basic network statistics, global and local K-functions in networks. Python Under development
SANET yes Windows Atsu Okabe Website Point patterns in networks Analysis of events that occur on networks or alongside networks. Includes 14 tools for point patterns in networks


- Freeware (terms)
Crime Stat yes Windows Ned Levine and Associates Website Point patterns Crime incidents. Basic descriptive statistics, spatial clustering, kernel density interpolation - Freeware
SaTScan yes Windows, Linux, MAC OS Martin Kulldorff and Information Management Services Inc. Epidemiology Spatial, temporal and Space-Time Scan Statistics - Freeware
Croizat yes Linux, MAC OS, Windows Mauro J. Cavalcanti Website at SourceForge Panbiogeography Ability to integrate and analyzie spatial data on species or other taxa and

to explore geographical patterns in diversity under a panbiogeographic and graph-theoretic approach

Python GPL
Hawths Tools yes (Requires ArcGIS, which is not free) Windows Hawthorne Beyer Website Ecology Analysis, sampling, animal movements, kernel, raster, table, vector editing, specialist and other tools. - Freeware
GeoDa Space yes MAC OS, Windows GeoDa Center Luc Anselin Analysis Spatial regression, spatial modelling. Spatial lag and error models (independent and joint), spatial HAC

estimation, endogenous variables and robust standard error

Python Under development
Fragstats yes Windows Dr. Kevin McGarigal - University of Massachusetts Website Landscape metrics for categorical map patterns Area, density, edge metrics. Shape metrics (Fractal dimension index) and much more. Visual C++ Freeware
SAGA yes Windows, Linux Institute of Geography at the University of Hamburg, Germany Website GIS, Analysis Grid analysis, Geostatistics, Terrain Analysis, Hydrology simulation, TIN tools. C++ OpenSource
Whitebox GAT yes Windows John Lindsay - Centre for Hydrogeomatics, University of Guelph, Canada Website GIS and remote sensing package GIS analysis, hydrological tools, image processing tools, LiDAR tools, statistical analysis, stream network analysis, terrain analysis .NET framework 3.5 GPL
ILWIS Open yes Windows ITC - Netherlands Website Remote sensing and GIS software which integrates image, vector and thematic data. Integrated raster and vector design; import and export of widely used data formats; on-screen and tablet digitizing; image processing tools; orthophoto, image georeferencing, transformation and mosaicing; Advanced modeling and spatial data analysis; 3D visualization; projection and coordinate system library; geo-statisitical analyses; production and visualization of stereo image pairs; spatial Multiple Criteria Evaluation; WMS; Surface Energy Balances. - GPL

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