Template:wikipedia list The TRS-80 series of computers were sold via Radio Shack & Tandy dealers in North America and Europe in the early 1980s. Much software was developed for these computers, particularly the relatively successful Colour Computer I, II & III models {see TRS-80 Color Computer}, which were designed for both home office and entertainment (gaming) uses.

A list of software for the TRS-80 computer series appears below. This list includes software that was sold labelled as a Radio Shack or Tandy product.

Model I Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance
26-2009 Tiny Pascal Programming Language 1980

Model II Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance

VideoTex Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance

Color Computer 1 & 2Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance
26-2222 Videotex Program Pak RSC-6
26-2537 Space Probe: Math RSC-10
26-2550 Dracula - Reading is Fun RSC-8
26-2551 The Hound of Baskervilles RSC-8
26-2552 Moby Dick RSC-8
26-2553 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea RSC-8
26-2567 Klendathu RSC-10
26-2568 Vocabulary Tutor 1 RSC-8
26-2569 Vocabulary Tutor 2 RSC-8
26-2624 Pioneers in Technology
26-2625 Inventions that Changed Our Lives
26-2626 TRS-80 Chemistry Lab, Vol. I
26-2709 TRS-80 Color PILOT Cassette
26-2710 TRS-80 Color PILOT Disk
26-2721 Color LOGO Disk
26-2722 Color LOGO Program Pak
26-3019 Diagnostic ROM RSC-4
26-3021 Screen Print Program RSC-6
26-3050 Chess Program Pak RSC-4
26-3051 Quasar Commander Program Pak RSC-4
26-3052 Pinball Program Pak RSC-4
26-3053 Football Program Pak RSC-4
26-3055 Checkers Program Pak RSC-4
26-3056 Super Bustout Program Pak RSC-6
26-3057 Dino Wars Program Pak RSC-6
26-3058 Skiing Program Pak RSC-6
26-3059 Color Backgammon Program Pak RSC-6
26-3060 Space Assault Program Pak RSC-6
26-3061 Art Gallery Program Pak RSC-6
26-3062 Zaxxon
26-3063 Project Nebula Program Pak RSC-6
26-3064 Cyrus
26-3065 Polaris Program Pak RSC-6
26-3066 Galactic Attack RSC-8
26-3067 Wildcatting RSC-8
26-3070 Color Robot Battle RSC-9
26-3071 Roman Checkers RSC-8
26-3073 Poltergeist RSC-9
26-3075 Color Cubes RSC-8
26-3076 Mega Bug RSC-8
26-3077 Micro Painter RSC-8
26-3079 Castle Guard RSC-9
26-3080 Tennis RSC-8
26-3081 Monster Maze RSC-9
26-3082 Crosswords RSC-9
26-3083 Gin Champion RSC-9
26-3085 Microbes RSC-8
26-3086 Slay the Nerius RSC-10
26-3087 Clowns and Balloons RSC-9
26-3088 Shooting Gallery RSC-8
26-3089 Canyon Climber RSC-9
26-3090 Popcorn Program Pak RSC-8
26-3091 Double Back RSC-9
26-3092 Reactoids RSC-10
26-3093 Dungeons of Daggorath RSC-10
26-3101 Personal Finance Program Pak RSC-4
26-3102 Investment Analysis RSC-6
26-3103 Color File RSC-6
26-3104 Spectaculator RSC-6
26-3105 Color Scripsit RSC-6
26-3150 Bingo Math Program Pak RSC-4
26-3151 Music Program Pak RSC-4
26-3152 Typing Tutor RSC-6
26-3153 Color Computer Learning Lab Cassette RSC-6
26-3154 Handyman RSC-6
26-3156 Audio Spectrum Analyzer RSC-8
26-3157 Graphics Pak RSC-9
26-3158 Bridge Tutor RSC-8
26-3250 Editor Assembler With ZBug RSC-6
26-3255 Color Scripsit Disk RSC-8
26-3256 Spectaculator Disk RSC-8
26-3260 Personafile Disk RSC-8
26-3299 Sands of Egypt Disk RSC-9
26-3300 Images 1 RSC-9
26-3301 Images 2 RSC-9
26-3310 Pyramid Cassette RSC-8
26-3311 Raaka-Tu Cassette RSC-8
26-3312 Bedlam Cassette RSC-8
26-3313 Madness and the Minotaur RSC-9
26-3320 Card Games RSC-9

Model III Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance
26-1566 Visicalc
26-1562 Profile
26-1565 Microfiles
26-1705 Advanced Statistical Analysis
26-1604 Versafile
26-1563 Scriptsit Disk
26-1505 Scriptsit Cassette
26-1564 Mailgram
26-1552 General Ledger I
26-1553 Inventory Control
26-1554 Accounts Payable
26-1555 Accounts Receivable
26-1556 Payroll Disk
26-1557 Concrete Take-Off
26-1558 Business Mailing List
26-1559 Manufacturing Inventory Control
26-1560 Fixed Asset Accounting
26-1503 Mailing List Cassette
26-1504 Level II Payroll Cassette
26-1508 In-Memory Information
26-1571 Real Estate I
26-1572 Real Estate II
26-1573 Real Estate III
26-1574 Real Estate IV
26-1577 Surveying
26-2201 FORTRAN
26-2202 Macro Editor/Assembler
26-2203 COBOL
26-2204 Compiler BASIC
26-1704 Double Precision Subroutines
26-1507 Standard & Poor's STOCKPAK System
26-1603 Budget Management
26-1509 Trendex Stock Package
26-1802 “Quick Watson” Deduction Game
26-1806 Casino Games Pack
26-1904 Micro Marquee
26-1905 Flying Saucer
26-1906 Invasion Force
26-1907 Checkers 80
26-1908 “Eliza” Artificial Intelligence
26-1909 Pyramid
26-1910 Haunted House
26-1911 Dancing Demon
26-1912 Space Warp
26-1956 Zaxxon
26-1605 Astrology

Model 16 & 16BEdit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance

Model 4, 4D & 4P Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance

Model 12 Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance

MC-10 Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance
? Lost World Pinball cassette ?

Color Computer 3 Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance

Tandy 1000 Edit

Cat. No. Title Media 1st Appearance
DeskMate Disk 1984,1987

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