Template:wikipedia list Though Linux is an open-source operating system and usually comes bundled with free and open source software, proprietary software for Linux does exist and is available to end-users.

The following is a list of proprietary software for Linux:

Networking Edit

Web Browser/s Edit

  • Netscape — freeware, last Linux version is 7.2
  • Opera — desktop versions free of charge, multiplatform since version 3.0 in 1998

E-mail Client/s Edit

E-mail Client / PIM in MS Outlook Style Edit

Newsreader/s Edit

  • Netscape — freeware, Linux version until 7.2
  • Opera — free of charge for desktop systems, multiplatform since version 3.0 in 1998.

FTP Client/s Edit

  • IglooFTP PRO for Linux
  • Pro:Atria Ltd SFTPPlus
  • SynchronEX+

Firewall (packet filtering)Edit

  • SmoothWall Corporate — A closed fork of SmoothWall, targeted at enterprise and corporate users

Visual traceroute Edit

P2P File Sharing Edit

  • MetaMachine eDonkey2000 — latest release from 25.07.2005.
  • Loophole (WinMX protocol) — WinMX servers down since 09.2005.

"Hotline" P2P protocol clients/servers Edit

  • GHX

Multifunction sound modem program/s Edit

  • PrimaFax

Fax software Edit

Network maintenance Edit

Routing Edit

  • GateD

Distributed ComputingEdit

Desktop/System software Edit

Work with files Edit

Console Archiver/s Edit

Desktop searchEdit

PDF viewer Edit

PDF Authoring Edit


Scanner utilities Edit

Antivirus Edit

Bootloading Edit

  • Acronis OS Selector

Hard disk partitioning Edit

Backup software Edit

PIM / DB / Hierarchical notebook with tree viewEdit

  • TreePad Lite

Multimedia Edit

Audio/Video Edit

MP3 Encoding Edit

Multimedia Player Edit

Graphics Edit

Graphics viewers/editors Edit

Professional Graphics Editors Edit

Digital imaging Edit

Vector Graphics Editor/s Edit

Flash Player Edit

3D Graphics Edit

Video, etc. Edit

Simple/Professional Video Production Environment Edit

Creation of 2D and 3D Effects Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Google Earth
  • Nero Linux, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burning
  • TrueCrypt, the source code is available, but the license is considered "unclear" and therefore not considered "free" by all the major GNU/Linux distributions, and even considered with "potential to be actively dangerous" by Fedora

Office/Business Edit

Office suites Edit

Word Processor Edit

Spreadsheets Edit

Presentations Edit

Local database Edit

E-Commerce and Web Business Edit

Personal Finance Manager Edit

Financial Accounting Edit

  • Global: Hansa Business Solutions
  • India & Asia: Kalculate

Enterprise Automation (Russian)Edit

  • Keeper
  • Oblik

Collaboration Software Edit

Project Management Edit

Communications software Edit

  • EasyIVR Call processing (IVR, CTI, ACD) for Linux

Games Edit

Programming and development Edit

C++ IDEsEdit


CASE-facility for UML Edit

  • Together ControlCenter

Top-level CASE System Edit

  • Rational Rose



HTML/DHTML Editor Edit

InterBase/Firebird IDE Edit

Java IDE Edit

  • Sun ONE Studio

Memory Leak Tracing Edit

  • BoundsChecker
  • Insure

Object Pascal IDE Edit

Perl/Python/Tcl IDE Edit

Prolog Edit

  • SICStus Prolog


Servers Edit


DB Engine Edit

E-mail / PIM / GroupWare Servers Edit

Product data/product lifecycle management (PDM/PLM) Edit

Proxy Edit

Cluster Filesystems Edit

  • Matrix Server

Miscellaneous applications Edit

Mathematics Edit

3D Modelling Edit


Diagram and Chart Designing Edit

HDD testing/benchmarking Edit

Emulators Edit

Video game console emulators Edit

Virtual Machine Emulator Edit

Windows Compatibility Layer Edit

See alsoEdit

  • Wine (software), a "compatibility layer" that allows many windows software to run on Linux (both proprietary and free)
This list is based on The Table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux, which is licensed under GNU FDL.

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