Template:wikipedia list Template:Dynamic list The following is a list of Microsoft Visual Studio Add-ins. Add-ins are software products designed to be used in conjunction with and extend Microsoft Visual Studio. There are many versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, so some of these products may not be compatible with all versions of the product.

IDE add-insEdit

  • Aggiorno ASP.Net refactoring tool and best practices
  • AnkhSVN – Provides a Subversion client for Visual Studio
  • CopyAsHTML - Takes source code and creates an HTML markup that preserves indentation and coloring.
  • Designbox - Adds a toolbox that lets you associate initial property values with controls
  • Dotfuscator – Provides tools to help prevent reverse engineering
  • Koders – Adds a search plug-in to search the Koders database
  • PhatStudio – File navigation within a Visual Studio solution by typing partial filenames
  • ReSharper - Refactoring support for .NET languages
  • TracExplorer - Trac integration for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008
  • Visual Assist - Refactoring and code navigation support for native C++ and .NET (VC6/VS2003/VS2005/VS2008/VS2010)
  • VisualSVN - Subversion integration for Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008.
  • VsTortoise - A free TortoiseSVN add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
  • XMLSpy – Integrates the XMLSpy IDE into Visual Studio
  • Bugnet Explorer Suite - Integrates Bugnet Issue and Project Management into Visual Studio and SVN
  • Tabs Studio - Provides multiple tab rows and customizable tab grouping. ($34, 30 day free trial)
  • SharpSort – C# source code members sorting and grouping
  • WinGDB – Debug with GDB directly from Visual Studio. Remote Linux (via SSH), MinGW. Cygwin, embedded systems.
  • – Plugin to enable Remote Pair Programming in Visual Studio, supports Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010

Language add-insEdit


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