Template:wikipedia list This article provides non-exhaustive lists of Java SE Java virtual machines (JVMs). It does not include a large number of Java ME vendors. Note that Java EE runs on the standard Java SE JVM but that some vendors specialize in providing a modified JVM optimized for Java EE applications. A large amount of Java development work takes place on Windows, Solaris and Linux, primarily with the Sun JVMs. Note the further complication of different 32-bit/64-bit varieties.

Proprietary implementations Edit

  • Azul VM a segmented Java Virtual Machine based on a proprietary chip architecture optimized to run pure Java. The HW backend allows for 54 cores and Terabytes of memory, with no garbage collection costs.
  • CEE-J is a clean room implementation of Sun's Java technology, Skelmir is not a licensee of Sun.
  • Excelsior JET (with AOT compiler)
  • Hewlett-Packard, Java for HP-UX, OpenVMS, Tru64 and Reliant (Tandem) UNIX platforms
  • J9 (IBM), for AIX, Linux, MVS, OS/400, Pocket PC, z/OS
  • JBed, (Esmertec) is an embedded Java with multimedia capabilities
  • JamaicaVM, (aicas) is a hard real-time Java VM for embedded systems
  • JBlend, (Aplix) is a Java ME implementation
  • JRockit (originally from BEA Systems) acquired by Oracle for Linux, Windows and Solaris
  • Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ)
  • MicroJvm (IS2T - Industrial Smart Software Technology) Wide range of virtual machines dedicated to embedded systems (including hard real-time constrained systems), ARM7, ARM9, AVR, AVR32, PPC, MIPS, ...
  • Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (discontinued in 2001)
  • OJVM (also known as "JServer") from Oracle Corporation
  • PERC (Aonix) is a real time Java for embedded
  • SAPJVM (SAP) is a licensed and modified SUN JVM ported to all supported platforms of SAP NetWeaver, started as Java 5, in the meantime Java 6 compatible (Windows i386, x64, IA64, Linux x86, IA64, PPC, AIX PPC, HP-UX Sparc/IA64, Solaris Sparc/x86_64, i5/OS PPC)

Lesser-known proprietary Java virtual machines Edit

Free and open source implementations Edit

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