Template:wikipedia list Template:external links Template:Inappropriate tone This article lists software that emulates arcade and console game systems, computing platforms and CPUs.

Avionics systemsEdit

Computer systemsEdit

Central processing units Edit

List of CPU Emulators (not computer systems):

MOS Technology 6502
ReFlex ; MIPS
Open Virtual Platforms' OVPsim 500 mips MIPS32 emulator, enables you to develop software on your PC using virtual platforms, emulators including MIPS processors running at up to 500 MIPS for MIPS32 processors running many OSes including Linux. OVP is used to build emulators of single MIPS processors or multiple - homogeneous MP or heterogenous MP. See:
x86 architecture
Java PC
Motorola 68040
Petunia 68K Emulator with JITM (Just In Time Machine) for AmigaOS 4.0
Trance 68k Emulator with JITM for MorphOS
Mac 68K emulator for PowerPC Mac OS
680x0 JITM engine embedded into Winuae emulator
Rosetta, Apple's emulator for PowerPC processors, built into Mac OS X.
PowerUP Amiga system for PowerPC expansion cards emulation built into MorphOS and available for AmigaOS
WarpUP Amiga system for PowerPC expansion cards built into MorphOS and available for AmigaOS
Multi-CPU Emulators
libcpu ARM, MIPS, MOS 6502, Motorola 68K, Motorola 88K, X86, PowerPC

Mobile phones and PDAsEdit

Multi-system emulatorsEdit

  • Emulogix Complete and custom emulators in process control and manufacturing
  • blueMSX Emulates Z80 based computers and consoles
  • Ami/WinArcadia emulates Signetics 2650-based machines
  • Tech Toy CVFH N03-4G
  • See OVPsim above - for link to OVP simulator that allows simulation/emulation of systems with many processors. There are many emulators available for download from


Video game consolesEdit

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