Template:wikipedia list This is a list of software used for Dynamic Process Simulation

  • APMonitor Modeling Language
  • ASCEND by Carnegie Mellon University
  • Aspen Custom Modeler by Aspen Technology
  • Aspen Dynamics by Aspen Technology
  • ASSETT by Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT)
  • AUTODYNAMICS by Trident USA (now owned by RSI)
  • AZprocede, Dynamic process simulation on PC (AZprocede)
  • CADSIM Plus by Aurel Systems Inc.
  • CC-Dynamics by Chemstations
  • D-SPICE by Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT)
  • DYNSIM by Invensys (SimSci-Esscor)
  • EMSO by ALSOC Project
  • gPROMS by PSE Ltd
  • HYSYS Dynamics by Aspen Technology
  • ICAS: Integrated Computer Aided System developed at CAPEC
  • JADE by GSE Systems
  • K-Spice by Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (K-Spice)
  • LedaFlow by Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (LedaFlow)
  • Mobatec Modeller by Mobatec
  • Modelica by Modelica Association
  • OLGA by SPT Group (Scandpower)
  • EQUATRAN-G by Omega Simulation
  • OTISS by Honeywell
  • Petro-SIM by KBC
  • Process Model Constructor by Protomation
  • ProDyn by Ingenious
  • Shadow Plant by Honeywell
  • SimconX by ABB Simcon (now owned by RSI)
  • SIMONE by Simone Research Group
  • SimSuite Pro by GSE Systems
  • STS2000 by ABB Simcon (now owned by RSI
  • TSC Sim by TSC Simulation
  • UniSim by Honeywell
  • VisSim by Visual Solutions
  • Visual Modeler by Omega Simulation
  • WSAT by EnVision

The following software are used for Operator Training Simulators (OTS)

The following software has been used historically for dynamic process simulation

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