Template:wikipedia list This is a list of discrete event simulation software.

Open Source Edit

  • CD++ is an open source based on the DEVS and Cell-DEVS formalisms (a discrete-event specification of cellular automata models). Hundreds of model samples are available. Varied 2D and 3D visualization engines can be used to improve the analysis of the simulation results.
  • DEUS is an open source discrete event simulation tool that aims to become a reference in the field of complex system simulation. It provides a simple Java API which allows to implement nodes, events and processes. DEUS includes a Java API, a Visual Editor, and an Automator that make easy to develop and run any kind of simulations.
  • SimPy is an open source process-oriented discrete event simulation package implemented in Python. It is based on Simula concepts, but goes significantly beyond Simula in its synchronization constructs.
  • Tortuga is an open source software framework for discrete-event simulation in Java.
  • Facsimile is a free, open-source discrete-event simulation/emulation library.
  • JSL (a Java Simulation Library) is a Java based simulation library which is open sourced under the GNU General Public License. The purpose of the JSL is to support education and research within simulation.

Commercial Edit

  • VisualSim is a graphical simulation tool for the architecture exploration and power optimization of electronics, embedded systems, SoC and FPGA.
  • AnyLogic is a graphical general purpose simulation tool which supports discrete event (process-centric), system dynamics and agent-based modeling approaches. In discrete event simulation it roots to the same approach as GPSS, but provides additional features: combining different approaches, dynamic animation, DB-connectivity, DXF-import, rich experimental framework etc.
  • Arena is a simulation and automation software developed by Rockwell Automation. It uses the SIMAN processor and simulation language.
  • ED Simulator ProModel Corporations's application for Emergency Department throughput, staffing, patient flow, and efficiency analysis.
  • ExtendSim is a graphical general purpose environment for discrete event, continuous, discrete rate, and agent based simulation.
  • Flexsim - 3D process simulation software for continuous, discrete event, or agent-based systems.
  • GoldSim - Combines system dynamics with aspects of discrete event simulation, embedded in a Monte Carlo framework.
  • Plant Simulation - Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software developed by Siemens PLM Software enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes.
  • Portfolio Simulator ProModel Corporation's simulation and optimization based strategic portfolio and resource capacity planning solution which enables predictive analysis and optimization of the performance of a portfolio of projects 2-15 years into the future.
  • Poses++ is a discrete event simulation software for general purpose developed for large scale problems on one hand and real time simulation speed on the other with an object oriented and rule based modelling language adopted from C++.
  • ProcessModel business process modeling and simulation with optimization routines.
  • Process Simulator ProModel Corporation's predictive business performance software add-in for Microsoft Office Visio with direct output capabilities to Minitab.
  • Project Simulator from ProModel Corp. is a scenario planning, simulation and reporting add-in for Microsoft Project enabling project managers to rapidly visualize, analyze and optimize their project plans.
  • ProModel, MedModel and ServiceModel Optimization Suites ProModel Corporation's industry specific predictive process optimization technology provide users with a comprehensive toolset for general purpose discrete event simulation modeling, along with Stat::Fit distribution fitting software and optimization capabilities with ProModel's SimRunner, or OptQuest.
  • RENO from ReliaSoft is a graphical general purpose software for discrete event simulation.
  • Renque offers commercial licenses for its general-purpose discrete event simulation software.
  • SimEvents of The MathWorks adds discrete event simulation to the MATLAB/Simulink environment.
  • Simio software from SIMIO LLC for object-oriented discrete event, continuous, and agent-based simulation.[1]
  • SIMUL8 produces several versions of its object-based simulation software.
  • WITNESS from Lanner Group - comprehensive windows-based application for 2D and 3D process simulation.

Not yet categorized Edit

  • GPSS is the time tested discrete event simulation platform. Different implementations are available through vendors.
  • Simula was the first object-oriented programming language, and was designed specifically for simulation.
  • Vensim
  • TRUE (Temporal Reasoning Universal Elaboration) system dynamics with 4D rendering, Procedural animation
  • web based discrete event simulation.
  • Simulation123 peer support for discrete event simulation

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