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A content management framework (CMF) is an application programming interface for creating a customized content management system (CMS). The relationship between a CMF and a CMS can be illustrated by the following analogy:

Unlike a typical CMS, a CMF is geared more towards configurability and customization. Picture a range of measurement where one end of the scale is labeled “specific” and the other end “abstract”. On the “specific” end of the spectrum, you would have something whose form is very specialized because it’s meant for a specific purpose—like, say, a hammer. On the other end of the spectrum, you would have something much more abstracted, that is available to be configured any way you like, for a variety of purposes—like some wood and a chunk of steel. You could make a hammer, or any number of other things with the wood and steel. Of course, while chunks of wood and steel are more “configurable” than a hammer, they aren’t terribly useful because few people have the specialized knowledge to work with such raw materials.

Below is a list of notable systems that claim to be CMFs.

Name Technologies
Alfresco Java
Apache Jackrabbit Java
Apache Lenya Java, Apache Cocoon
Apache Sling Java, JSP, ECMAScript
ArcaCMF PHP5 and MySQL
AxKit Perl
Catalyst Perl
CherryPy Python
CodeIgniter PHP and MySQL
Cuyahoga ASP.NET and MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL (based on NHibernate)
Drupal PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL
Exponent CMS An MVC framework using PHP and MySQL
eZ Publish PHP4, PHP5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server
Jakarta Slide (Retired. Look at Jackrabbit as an alternative.) Java
Jaws PHP and PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, InterBase, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite
Joomla! PHP and MySQL
Jumper 2.0 PHP and MySQL
Mambo PHP and MySQL
Maypole Perl
Midgard GLib, D-Bus, PHP, Python and MySQL
MODx CMS PHP 4.1.x-5 and MySQL 3.2x-5
OpenACS AOLserver and PostgreSQL or Oracle
phpXCore PHP and MySQL
Pier Smalltalk and Seaside
Plone Python
Quick.Cms.Lite PHP and Flat-file database
Seagull PHP 4/5, works with MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL
SilverStripe PHP 5, works with MySQL, PostgreSQL
TangoCMS PHP5 and MySQL
Umbraco .NET Framework, works with MSSQL, VistaDB, with XSLT or .NET UserControls
Windows Sharepoint Services .NET Framework, works with Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Internal Database
Xaraya PHP and MySQL

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