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This is a list of notable dial-up bulletin board system (BBS) software packages.

For door based games, see Door games

Apple II based Edit

  • AppleNet -
  • Diversi-Dial (DDial) - Chat-room atmosphere supporting up to 7 incoming lines allowing links to other DDial boards.
  • FutureVision - by TC Wilson (aka The Captain) - based on the METAL language
  • GBBS - Applesoft-based BBS program
  • GBBS Pro - based on the ACOS or MACOS (modified ACOS) language
  • HotCom - by Hansi
  • KauCom - by Brendon Woirhaye
  • Networks II - by Nick Naimo
  • METAL BBS - written in a powerful scripting language designed for more than just a BBS
  • PEPSI (BBS) - by Bill Wolf & Tod O'Brien - based on MACOS, a hacked & improved version of ACOS
  • PixelTerm - a hi-resolution graphical dial-up BBS and client package for the Apple II - supported rich media messages including graphics, shapes, sound, fonts, sprites and animation.
  • ProLine - by Morgan Davis - popular with many A2 user group BBSs
  • The Proving Grounds - A role playing game BBS
  • Pseudodel - a Citadel variant for the Apple //
  • TProBBS - An RPG BBS by Guy T. Rice; a version has been ported by Robert Hurst at RPGD
  • Warp Six - Applesoft-based BBS program, by Jim Ferr
  • WAPABBS - Washington Apple PI Users Group BBS

Amiga based Edit

  • 4D-BBS by Dale E. Reed Jr.
  • ABBS (a Mike's BBS like system)
  • AmBoS by Jörg Eßmann and Kai Szymanski
  • Ami-Express aka "/X" (Very popular in the crackers/pirate software scene)
  • AmiCon v1 & 2, C language based modular BBS system by Paul Roffey
  • BBBS
  • BBS-PC! (v4.13 -4.20)
  • CNet Amiga by Ken Pletzer (1-4)
  • CNet Amiga by Zen Metal Software (4.1 - 5.07a)
  • CNet Amiga by Storm's Edge Technologies (5.10+)
  • Dialog BBS (which then evolved into DLG BBS)
  • DLG Professional BBS
  • Excelsior! BBS
  • Falcon CBBS a work-a-like of MSDOS Opus-CBCS
  • MAX's BBS by Anthony Barrett
  • MAX's Pro by Niki Murkett
  • NiKom - by Niklas Lindholm
  • New Touch Pro (NTPro)
  • Paragon BBS
  • Rapport BBS by Mark Brinicombe and Paul Roberts
  • Skiline BBS, featuring Skypix Protocol, the first online communication protocol sporting in 1987 rich graphic content such as changeable fonts, mouse-controlled actions, animations and sound into Bullettin Board System.
  • System-X by Peter (zed) Zelestny and Michael (rawfox) Clasen
  • Transmission Impossible BBS by Lee Bates
  • TransAmiga by Timothy J. Aston (written in BlitzBasic)
  • WaK by Kris Hudson & Andrew Ward
  • Xenolink 2 by Xeno Inc
  • Zeus BBS originally by Nick Loman and Alex May

Atari based Edit

  • A.M.I.S. BBS (ATARI Message Information System)
  • ATKeep
  • BBCS (Bulletin Board Construction Set)
  • BBS Express! by Rick Taylor, Keith Ledbetter
  • BBS Express-Professional!
  • Carina
  • Carnival (BASIC, first introduced in ANTIC Magazine)
  • FoReM BBS ("Friends of Rickey Moose")
  • FoReM-XE
  • Fox-Box
  • Milestone BBS by Ernst Marending
  • Nite Lite BBS by Paul Swanson
  • Oasis IV
  • QuickBBS ST
  • RATSoft/ST
  • Raven of Mystic BBS by David Bolt
  • STadel, a Citadel variant for the Atari ST
  • Titan (Written by Dominic Vaccaro in 1984)
  • Titanic
  • Turbo BBS (a FoReM clone)
  • Transcendence BBS
  • Spiffy BBS (ATASCI / ASCII / VT52) for Atari ST (written by Richard Kelsch)

BBC Micro-basedEdit

  • Autonomic Systems by Glyn "T'GG" Phillips
  • Bloxham BBS
  • FBBS by Marcus Anselm (with significant help from Rob O'Donnell / Jon Freeman and Jason Tanner)
  • NBBS by Jon Freeman
  • OBBS by Rob O'Donnell


CP/M based Edit

Many of these needed BYE and KMD to handle modem interactions and file transfers

Macintosh based Edit

DOS based Edit

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A based Edit

  • TIBBS Written by Ralph Fowler.

Timex/Sinclair based Edit

  • Spiffy BBS (written for the TS2068 in 1983 by Richard Kelsch)

Multi-platform Edit

TOPS-10 Edit

  • QZ KOM

OS/2 based Edit

Unix based Edit

Windows Edit

Acorn RISC OS Edit

External links Edit

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