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Augmented Browsing Software
Name Form Features Compatibility
AlchemyPoint Firefox extension with a client-side Proxy Server allows manipulation of web content, scraping of data from websites, detection/parsing of microformats, etc.
Chickenfoot Firefox extension enables end-users and hackers to script interactions on the Web
iMacros for Firefox Firefox extension allows the user to record and replay "Internet Macros" for web automation, web scraping or web testing.
Platypus Firefox extension interactive modification of content from the browser, and optionally save the transformations as a Greasemonkey script for future use
Stylish Firefox extension using Cascading Style Sheets client-side manipulation of webpage content
Bookmarklets JavaScript can execute arbitrary JavaScript on any page, but requires a user to click them, rather than running automatically
Firebug Firefox extension for developers allows arbitrary real time changes to a page's DOM
Bubbles Site-Specific-Browser uses JS injection of user-scripts, very much like Greasemonkey.
Jetpack Firefox extension providing robust API allows writing Firefox scripts (jetpacks) using JavaScript, jQuery and Firebug
Greasekit provides userscripting for Safari (WebKit)
Greasemonkey Firefox extension alters the output of web content immediately after it's displayed
Monkeygrease Java Servlet on a proxy alters the output of a closed-source Java web application before its output is sent to the client
Proxomitron proxy-level language available since late 1990s, predates JavaScript active browsing and provides a similar function for all browsers using a regexp-like matching language
Proximodo, open source, client-side proxy server inspired by- and interoperable with proxomitron -- allows page content manipulation
Privoxy open source, client-side proxy server allows manipulation of page content available in many OS flavors
MouseHole Ruby-based client-side proxy server allows manipulation of page content
Muffin Java open-source stand alone proxy server allows manipulation of page content (usually client-side, but sports a web interface in addition to a Swing GUI for configuration)
BFilter open source, client-side proxy server allows manipulation of page content available in many OS flavors
GrimeApe JavaScript injection proxy provides the GreaseMonkey API for running userscripts Konqueror and Firefox are supported
Reflect Sends document to remote server for tagging Tags the names of chemicals, genes, and proteins; clicking on a tag opens summary popups. Supported on Firefox and IE
Scone open source stand alone proxy server (client and server side) allows manipulation of transferred web resources. It also provides personal web crawler, user action logging, and an mysql persistence component.
Deliverance open source stand alone Python proxy is a tool to theme HTML, applying a consistent style to applications and static files regardless of how they are implemented, and separating site-wide styling from application-level templating.
SiteMesh open source stand alone Java servlet proxy is a web-page layout and decoration framework and web- application integration framework to aid in creating large sites consisting of many pages for which a consistent look/feel, navigation and layout scheme is required.
preprocess and postprocess filters open source stand alone Java jsp proxy manipulate requests from clients and intercept responses.

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