Template:wikipedia list Subarticle:Assembly language This is a list of assemblers: software programs that translate assembly language source code into binary programs.

x86 assemblersEdit

These are the x86 Assemblers for Intel 80x86 architecture microprocessors

Assembler OS Open source License x86-64 Active Development
A86/A386 Windows, DOS Template:no Proprietary No No
ACK Minix Template:yes BSD since 2003 No ?Template:ref
Bruce D. Evans' as86 Minix 1.x, 16-bit part in Linux Template:yes GPL No 1988-2001Template:ref
Digital Research ASM86 CP/M-86, DOS, Intel's ISIS Template:no Proprietary No 1978-1992
AT&T Unix System V Template:no Proprietary No 1985-?Template:ref
DevelSoftware Assembler Windows, Linux, Unix-like Template:no Freeware Template:yes Template:yes
FASM Windows, DOS, Linux, Unix-like Template:yes BSD Template:yes Template:yes
GAS Unix-like, Windows, DOS Template:yes GPL Template:yes Since 1987
GoAsm Windows Template:no Freeware Template:yes Template:yes
HLA Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X Template:yes Public domain ? Template:yes
JWASM Windows, DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2 Template:yes Sybase Open Watcom Public License Template:yes Template:yes
LZASM Windows, DOS Template:no Freeware ? Template:yes
MASM Windows, DOS Template:no Microsoft EULA Template:yes Since 1981Template:ref
Mical a86 Unix, DOS, PC/IX Template:yes ? Template:no 1982-1984Template:ref
NASM Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, OS/2 Template:yes BSD Template:yes Template:yes
Tim Paterson's ASM 86-DOS, DOS DEBUG Template:no Proprietary Template:no 1980-1983
POASM Windows, Windows Mobile Template:no Freeware Template:yes Template:yes
TASM Windows, DOS Template:no Proprietary Template:no ?Template:ref
WASM Windows, DOS, OS/2 Template:yes Sybase Open Watcom Public License Template:no ?
TCCASM Unix-like, Windows Template:yes LGPL ? Template:yes
Xenix Xenix 2.3 and 3.0 (before 1985) Template:no Proprietary No 1982-1984
Yasm Windows, DOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix-like Template:yes BSD Template:yes Template:yes
  1. Part of the Minix 3 source tree, but without obvious development activity. The full source history is available.
  2. Developed by Interactive in 1986 when they ported System V to Intel iAPX286 and 80386 architectures. Archetypical of ATT syntax because it was used as reference for GAS. Still used for The SCO Group's products, Unixware and OpenServer.
  3. Home site does not appear active any more. Also offered as part of FreeBSD Ports, in bcc-1995.03.12.
  4. Active and supported, but not advertised.
  5. Developed in 1982 at MIT as a cross-assembler, it was picked up by Interactive in 1983 when they developed PC/IX under IBM contract. The syntax was later used as base for ACK assembler, to be used in Minix 1.x toolchain.
  6. Part of the C++Builder Tool Chain, but not sold as a stand-alone product, or marketed since the CodeGear spin-off. Borland was still selling it up until then:

Multiple target assemblers Edit

GNU Assembler (gas): GPL: many target instruction sets including ARM architecture, Atmel AVR, 80x86 architecture, Freescale 68HC11, Freescale v4e, Motorola 68k, TI MSP430, Zilog Z80 ASxxxx Cross Assembler (part of the Small Device C Compiler project): GPL: several target instruction sets including Intel 8051, Zilog Z80, Freescale 68HC08, PIC microcontroller Vasm portable and retargetable assembler: Target instruction sets including 680x0, Coldfire, PowerPC, C16x/ST10, 6502. The Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK) targets many architectures of the 1980's, including 6502, 6800, 680x0, ARM, x86, Zilog Z80 and Z8000.

Other assemblersEdit

Assembler License Instruction set Host platform
Atari Assembler Editor Proprietary MOS Technology 6502 Atari 8-bit family
Babbage Proprietary GEC 4000 series GEC 4000 series
French Silk Proprietary MOS Technology 6502 Commodore 64
COMPASS Proprietary CDC mainframe CDC mainframe
GPASM GPL PIC microcontroller many
HLASM Proprietary z/Architecture z/Architecture
Lisa Proprietary MOS Technology 6502 Apple II series
MAC/65 Proprietary MOS Technology 6502 Atari 8-bit family
ID3E Free for academic use SC123 SC123 emulator
ASM-One Open source Motorola 680x0 Amiga
PASMO GPL Zilog Z80 numerous
MRS GPL Zilog Z80, 8080 ZX Spectrum, PMD-85
MACRO-11 ** unknown ** PDP-11 PDP-11
ASEM-51 Freeware 8051 Embedded Systems

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