Template:wikipedia list This article is a split of main article Amiga software and refers to any communication and internet software that run on Amiga line of computers.

See also related articles Amiga productivity software and Amiga support and maintenance software for other information regarding software that run on Amiga.

Modem, Direct Connect, BBS managing, Fidonet, Packet RadioEdit

Prestel, Videotel, Videotex, MinitelEdit

In some European countries, and especially in France, Minitel data transmitting services were very popular before the rise of Internet. Minitel started the phenomenon of chatting, exchange mail, providing on-line services such as railways or TV broadcast timetables, travel and hotel booking, etcetera. Minitel used little terminals rented from telephone companies or computers with modems that accept Minitel transmission protocol speed. The speed was asynchronous at 1200/75 baud (1200 baud receiving, 75 baud transmitting). There were made Amiga Minitel communication programs in France, Germany and Italy. In Italy it was released Amiga Videotel.

Teletext, Televideo, ViewdataEdit

Teletext is an information retrieval service system based on transmitting data with normal TV broadcast signals and showing it separately, without interfering with normal TV programs. About this kind of service, on Amiga there are TV cards viewers that view Teletext pages and save them as standard image files. Standalone programs for Teletext included the Amiga Teletext program, and the datatype Videotex Datatype.

FAX, Answering Machine and Voice MailEdit

AFax, Amiga-FAX, GPFax, FaxQuik, STFax, TrapFax, AVM, MultiAnswer, Zyxel Voice Mail


ISDN digital telephone and circuit-switched telephone network system were supported via the expansion cards ISDN Master and ISDN Master II, their drivers and related software.

Networking and Ethernet protocolsEdit

Depending from the hardware cards and their drivers and software, Amiga supported SANA-II protocols, Envoy protocols from IAM, AS225, AS225r2 TCP-IP from Commodore, DECnet, Novell Netware through Amiga Client for Novell Netware, Quicknet fast proprietary peer to peer procol, Appletalk through emulators. Other network protocols available were AmigaUUCP, DNET, Link-It and Enlan-DFS. Amiga currently supports also Samba, and SMBFS.

World Wide WebEdit

Almost all these programs are recent and available mainly for new Amiga platforms.

  • Amiga TCP/IP: AmiTCP, EasyNet, Genesis, Miami and Miami DeLuxe, RoadShow for AmigaOS, MosNet and NetStack for MorphOS (both based on AmiTCP).
  • Browsers:
  • Old browsers or "text only" based ones:
  • Modern browsers up to HTML 3.2 without CSS:
  • Actual Browsers with HTML 4.0 and CSS:
    • OWB Origyn Web Browser is the de-facto modern Browser for all Amiga systems. OWB for AmigaOS 4 and Classic Amigas (OS 3.9) was developed by Italian Andrea Palmaté and then updated by German programmer Joerg Strohmayer. AmigaOS Classic version is 1.1 and based upon original codename version "Blastoise" (this software also integrates itself with IBrowse). Current AmigaOS 4.X version is 3.22 based upon original version codenamed "Pukapuka". Origyn Web Browser for AROS is 0.9.9. Actual MorphOS version is 1.7 (also based on "Pukapuka") and it the first version to support HTML5 media tags <video> and <audio> through FFMpeg.
    • NetSurf for AmigaOS 4 also through the X11 Amiga compatibility graphic engine library Cygnix.
  • Released as beta:
  • In development:

(Sputnik and OWB are based upon WebKit)

Communication ProtocolsEdit

Skypix is the name of a communication protocol born on Amiga. It could be considered one of the very first (or even the real first) modern interactive online graphics-and-sound protocol., as it was introduced in 1987 as part of the Skyline (Atredes) BBS System, running on the program Skyline BBS and Skyterm terminal for the Amiga system. Years before the World Wide Web, Skypix allowed rich interactive graphics and sound, as well as mouse control, to be a part of the online experience, which was until then limited to text and ANSI graphics. Skypix allowed users the ability to write graphical programs and link them into the system, as well as the first "authoring program", Skypaint. Skypix created a large worldwide group of enthusiastic game and online application writers years before the World Wide Web made such features a common part of the online experience. It was quickly abandoned as long as new, more advanced, markup languages for BBS were available and due to the emerging of Internet phenomenon that literally wiped out the BBS system of communication.

References Edit

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