Offset Description Size
000h Executable Code 446 Bytes
1BEh 1st Partition Entry 16 Bytes
1CEh 2st Partition Entry 16 Bytes
1DEh 3st Partition Entry 16 Bytes
1EEh 4st Partition Entry 16 Bytes
1FEh Boot Record Signature 2 Bytes
Offset Description Size
00h Current State of Parition (00h=Inactive, 80h=Active) 1 Byte
01h Beginning of Partition - Head 1 Byte
02h Beginning of Partition - Cylinder/Sector 1 Word
04h Type of Partition 1 Byte
05h End of Partiton - Head 1 Byte
06h Enf of Partition - Cylinder/Sector 1 Word
08h Number of Sectors between the MBR and the First Sector in the Partition 1 Double Word
0Ch Number of Sectors in the Partition 1 Double Word





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