Amarok is a free software music player for Linux and other varieties of Unix, as well as Windows since version 2.0 (through KDE for Windows). It makes use of the KDE Platform, but is released independently of the central KDE release cycle.

A new major version of Amarok, version 2.0, was released on December 12, 2008, which was a complete æsthetic and functional redesign of Amarok 1.4. On June 3, 2009, version 2.1 was released which reintroduced a few of the 1.4 features which had been missing from the initial 2.0 release, and introduced some features such as native Replay Gain support for the first time.


  • Windows 7 iconListening to music
    2.4.3 on Windows 7
  • KDEListening to a playlist
    2.4.1 on KDE 4.6

Past Version

  • KDEListening to a playlist from []
    2.3.0 on KDE